Student-Produced research skills video

The Presenter: Sharon Vipend and Richard Friedrichs
HS Librarian & Dept Head, Information Commons - HKIS 

The Gist:
  • Library changed name to "Information commons"
  • Focus on digital tools on-line books and references
  • Students need to take  a class called "Information technology ad Media"
  • Found that students not very skilled at research, especially with more traditional media
  • wiki used for course
  • Students reviewed communication technologies from the past as background. Students created pages researching the different communication technologies
  • Students were tasked to make a teaching video on research skills, content open.
  • 7 teams of students had mixed success
  • Students realised there own research skills shortfalls were not up to scratch when researching th eresearch skills video. Wasted time on process.
  • Coming out of that, all freshmen now have to attend seminars on research skills. Now front end loaded with explicit instruction of research and technical skills, followed by video production. 
  • Before, the take up of these skills was hit-and-miss depending on what teachers the students had had.
  • book regarding ethics, good for teaching about plagiarism.

My Thoughts:
Not revolutionary, evolutionary, but if it gets the students creating then it is a good thing in my book