Learning in and Beyond the Classroom: Mobile content and iPod Touches

The Presenter: Kathleen Ferenz

The Gist:
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  • We all a big Macbook and an iPod Touch to play with! Yay!
  • How do  we leverage technology to address individual student needs?
  • Touch does not replace laptops
  • but it allows further mobility
  • Watched a video: kids using touches; looked natural, were collaborating, using it for text input, music making, in a variety of postures, all working on different things
  • 5th grade students don't need directions to use it
  • Video: Skip Johnson, principal at school in America. Audiobooks uploaded to their touches that they take home, they listen while they track the words in the book as an aid to literacy. Can look up words that they don't understand.
  •  http://etc.usf.edu/lit2go/ free audiobooks
  • Need a "Gabillion" wireless access points
  • Hands on with the Touch, basic skills
  • Lots of traditional activities are replicated but helps with organisation, can't lose paper.
  • Video on the Touch: Show a video with a projector on the whiteboard and the kids can miss things. Put it on the Touch and they can watch in their own time.
  • Students can make vocabulary flash cards using inbuilt applications
  • Quote "This is the kid's thing"

My Thoughts:
  • Lots of implications for working with ESL
  • Engaging
  • Great as an adjunct to laptops