Multi-platform Integration - A Case Study of RCHK

The Presenter:  Andrew Ip - Digital Service Manager - Renaissance College Hong Kong

The Gist:

  • PYP ---> IB founded in 2006
  • whole school is 1:1, at any on time 1000 notebooks in operation at the school
  • Primary notebooks are school owned
  • Secondary students own their own
  • Multi platform integration is not which computer/platform/OS, they are Mac and PC
    • Compatibility
    • Infrastructure
    • Security
    • Policy and practice, has to be supported by leadership, parents and teachers
  • Compatability
    • Cross platform networking
    • Digital literacy skill rather than 'which software', knowing about what is out there
    • Choosing the right tools for the school
    • Centralisation of software procurement
      • site license approach
    • Extensive research and testing of alternatives
      • word of mouth, Google, OpenSource
    • Migrate to web solutions
  • Infrastructure
    • Choosing the right directory service
    • LDAP as OpenDirectory
    • Mac Authentication
    • Windows authentication through scripting
    • SSO through LDAP with other systems like Moodle, Wordpress etc
  • Policy and Practice
    • Just in time technology
    • Closed membership system - host services inside school servers for security
    • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Security
    • Non-Admin accounts for students, they do not install software 
    • Parent-Admin accounts, parent backlash, their computers, so they were given back-door on understanding that inappropriate/ illegal software not installed.
    • Cloning (as much as possible), installs all software on computers on 15 minutes
    • Secret police? IT admin have backdoor to see exactly what students have been up to.
    • Have enterprise grade Firewall and spam filter
    • Talk to ISP - Global Firewall
    • Site-licensed Anti-virus Sophos
  • What next?
    • Sustainable online learning platform (iTunes U,Oracle Education, Adobe)
    • Google Apps, working on integration with LDEP so that new students receive Gmail address of school's choosing.
    • Other Learning Objects
    • Moodle or other LMS
  • Embrace Multiple Platform Learning Devices!
  • Training
    • Atomic learning
    • Special team in teachers/students training
    • Research Education Development - Digital Opportunity On Request  REDDOOR
      • Train teachers and students
    • Working with the likes of Apple, Adobe, Microsoft etc. to try to get some certifications for teachers.

My Thoughts:
New school has the "luxury" of starting from scratch with their systems. Most schools have time and money invested in existing hardware, software and services.
Very secure system but is it at the cost of flexibility?
Haven't created a separate LLT like Canadian International School