The presenter: Wes Fryer
The gist: find the information http://handouts.wesfryer.com/podcasting
his website

  • he uses radio wilow web- digital show and tell...can add and show notes eg hyperlinks writing is the most powerful form of writing...it connects my ideas and my writing...to media and the web...use music not just speaking
  • use a planning guide to help students and teachers go about creating a podcast and show much more than a podcast. http://mps.mpsomaha.org/willow/radio/podcastbooklet.pdf
  • he uses a online timer - for discussion Timeme.com/timer-stopwatch.htm
    attention grabber is clapping and clicking
  • podcasts improved literacy ...real audience eg parents, realtives etc and their peers
    difference between podcast and audio on the web...link on website says xml and itune
    ip tv...there is a convergence of computer, tv and phone..
    podcast are part of this convergence
    subscribe to podcasts use a podcatcher itune store you can subscribe
    search for wes fryer get his channels video podcasts
  • use audacity...free online editing..also need a lame file to make it work
    celebrate oklahoma voices.us project
  • digital backpack....what you need eg camera, recorder, headset, falshdrive, memory stick for camera
  • audacity uses different layers..import music and move around....envelope tool to reduce volume of section..none of us like hearing us ourselves...sit and watch your self or listen and this helps you improve....practise using the microphone at end expeort as WAV (larger) or mp3..quality bitrate eg 32 if music
  • open podcast in itunes add art work get info add a id3 tags and artwork
    http://millsmurfee.blogspot.com/ feed eg use gcast widget in a wiki
    http://www.gcast.com/u/wfryer/mothersday2009 eg
  • 3 sites let you eg drop.io record to web record to the web need to ring the site
    http://wiki.celebrateoklahoma.us/Home/resources/music-and-audio-resources free music
My summary: Podcasts are worth trying with students they make products creatively for "real" audiences.


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