Central to Modern Crime is the Concept of Identity. Central to the Concept of Identity is technology.

The Presenter: 
Paul Jackson  (Chief Inspector of Police Computer Forensics & Training - Hong Kong Police)

The Gist: 

  • Youth and Cybercrime
  • Identity used to be simple. ou were who you were.
  • Youth have different identities based on context
  • The meaning of identity is blurring and police are having to adapt
  • Example: Run on Bank of East Asia late last year, triggered by text messsages and online, went viral and people turned up to withdraw their cash. How to find original sender?
  • Some people say, so what about Cybercrime? Doesn't hurt anyone... But what about online suicide pacts? What about online bullying prompting suicide?
  • Does the education system put enough into teaching ethics?
  • Finland shooting, guy posted video on Youtube before it saying that he was going to kill people.
  • Virtual worlds, great technology, but as with the real world, crimes can happen in the virtual worlds; vice, prostitution, drug dealing, pornography
  • Hidden communities. People living at home and never set foot outside the house. Order food online and are difficult to police
  • Most use is benign but we ave to be aware of the risks
  • HK Law
    • Access to a computer with criminal or dishonest content
    • Prohibition on publishing obscene material
  • Use 'Loitering' law to prosecute 'Upskirt' photos!
  • isafe Good educational material
  • Students don't seem to care about giving up their personal information
  • Example of a predator: Hong Kong paedophile would chat with kids on MS, engaged their trust by conversing, agreeing with their points of view. Gradually introduced talk of a sexual nature, drawing on the natural curiosity of the kids. Eventually suggested a physical meet and then abused them.
  • Parents too confident that they know what their children are up to. Children have alternate lives.
  • Loners without good friendships are those most likely to succumb
  • Kids have multiple identities on Facebook. One for the parents to see and one for their friends. 
When police in HK deal with an offence by a teenager
  • First step should be to examine the nature of the offence - an it be dealt with at a parent/school/social worker level?
  • Reporting as a crime is a serious atep as all reports treated seriously 
  • Minors get one chance, first offence they get a very stern warning
  • Second offence has to go through the courts

"The doer is merely a fiction added to the deed - the deed is everything"

My Thoughts:
Again it seems that we need to educate our students to be safe. How much emphasis are we giving this and where is it in our curriculum?
We should get this guy for careers talk to students. Cyber crime forensics is a growth area!