Keynote: Robyn Treyvaud: Developing responsible ethical and resilient digizens

The Presenter: Robin Treyvaud
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The Gist:
  • Online is a place, not a thing, to our students
  • Average young person has 94 contacts in phone, 78 people on messenger and 86 in his or her social network online
  • Technology has enabled kids to have more and closer relationships that ever before. Almost all students use tech to enhance face to face relationships.
  • Tech is normalised. It s part of their ives and they neither 'like' it or 'dislike' it
  • This generation is capable of self regulation when educated about risk.
  • Parents don't have the skills to keep up with what there kids are doing. Kids maintain their privacy.
  • Kids will always explore risky behaviour and some will do this online. We need to educate appropriately.
  • We cannot make the internet completely safe
  • Have to develop responsible and ethical digtal citizenship. e need to embed it into our current curricula
  •  Parent and child views of what is bad about the internet diverge
  • The internet is not the cause of problems, it is just a medium that amplifies what is already there. People with issues have a voice where they did not before.
  • Online victimisers are most often known to the victim, they are their 'friends'
  • Online bullying starts about year 2, pirating starts about year 4, middle school students experience 
  • Solution does not rely on technology but on sociology and anthropology
  •  Kids don't tell parents when they see pornography because don't want to get into trouble. Most have seen it by the age of 12.
  • Sexting: Children biggest producers of child pornography. Minors face criminal charges for passing on or receiving these messages. End up on a sex offenders register
  • Thats not cool
  • Students need to realise that everything that they post will be there forever. Students think that this is not so. These digital footprints are a character reference for the future.
  • Triple J Hack half hour : My Face. Good link to use with students
  • cyberbullying resources with more video. Good stuff. Resonates with kids.
  • Need age appropriate codes of conduct. Need to find space in curriculum. 

My Thoughts:
She had lots of great research to back her up, check out her Delicious links above.
Let students loose on the internet, but educate them.