Models for teaching teachers technology in Canadian International School Hong Kong

The Presenter: John D'Arcy (Canadian International School)

The Gist:
  • Learning and teaching technology department - 5 full-time member team teaching 130 teachers how to use technology in the classrooms (1750 students). They do NOT fix computers (there is a 5 person team of technicians), they do NOT teach kids
  • Trying to create a learning community in the school
  • They offer free basic parent training in day time and at night
  • Parents pay for extended training
  • Technology vision came out of SARS and a need to be able to support students better in the future. Had no space for labs or room for desktops around the room. Had to go 1:1.

  • Year 5 up is 1:1
  • Carts in years up to 4
  • Laptops owned by students / parents
  • Year 5 and 6 laptops stay at school. Students too small / young for responsibility
  •  100% Apple, same model to ease management and equity issues
  • 7 up take them home all the time, 7s and up have administrator rights.
  • Technology at CDNIS - implementation
    • "there is no rush"
    • pragmatic and compassionate (have expectations of teachers, they have to be on the journey)
    • curriculum and pedagogy
    • teachers and students first
  • example of engaging tool
  • LTT Guiding Principles
    • Collaboration is a key, if one person wants to get something going, they have to work with their peers in faculty or year level
    • Diversity in tools, whatever works
  • Try to promote higher order thinking, using Blooms Revised Taxonomy and working towards curriculum outcomes 
  • Teachers must believe
  • Skills - Integration - Infusion. Stages of teacher tech use in schools. When teachers are achieving their curriculum goals using higher order thinking and when tech is no longer even a consideration we are at the infusion stage
  • Don't let the people who are negative about it have the biggest voice
  • repository of student work that teachers want to share
  • Students tag their comments with what thinking skills that they are using
  • Infobits: 15 min demos, Infobytes: After school or a half day, Infotubes: recorded information, vodcasts
  • Google docs for teacher feedback
  • Teacher accountability, teachers have a yearly 1:1 meeting with team to talk about what they are doing in class
  • If it is infused into the culture it will go beyond sustainability

My Thoughts:
A Mac is a beautiful thing.
The Canadian School have an absolutely amazing system! Very privileged.