The Whiteboard Challenge

Get over to the Whiteboard Challenge wiki and try your hand at one of the challenges being set for users of interactive whiteboards by teaching professionals.

Every two weeks a new challenge is being posted and participants are encouraged to blog about their exploits. What a great way to encourage both innovation and reflection in our practice.

There is a button that you can grab from my sidebar for your own blog or wiki in order to promote the event.


purplepangolin said...


I've been asked to re-work the website for my daughter's primary school.

At present, the school website is a simple set of static web pages, but they would like to add other things (quite what is not specified). I am a developer, so am happy to experiment with css, javascript etc. but the ongoing maintenance will be performed by teachers who would prefer something that "just works".

There is unlikely to be any hosting budget, so I would like to find a free solution if possible.

I have experimented with google sites, but have found that the control of navigation elements and look and feel is a bit limited. On the plus side, you can add some nice gadgets. What would you or your readers recommend?

Jason de Nys said...

Well, you could try setting up a school Ning as a social network that teachers, parents and students could all contribute to.