Wikis and Blogs in Education

As well as presenting a professional development session on VoiceThread last week I also presented the following session:

The title was a bit of an 'in' joke. I was going to present on screencasting as well but it was just going to be toooo much.

As with the VoiceThread I wanted to focus on the why rather than the how of wikis and blogs. So much professional development is about how to put an image in or how to embed content but doesn't address the "show me the educational value" side of the equation.

I got good feedback, other than a couple of people who wanted more time to do the how. Oh well, I guess I will have to organise some follow-up sessions.


Paul McMahon (LSA) said...

Jason, I see on this that you have set up a wiki for teachers on IWB aspects.
Just thought I would make you aware that your school has a subscription to Atomic learning
There is a whole series there on the activboard which divides each "how to" into a very short movie of less than 3 mins.


Jason de Nys said...

Paul, don't you have a conference to organise ;)

I - had - no - idea that we had a subscription. I am sitting here with my mouth open.
Well, I will be disseminating this information to staff poste haste. I may even put a link to it on the wiki.

Lisa Mc said...

Jason this is great. The more I can share with staff, the more chance I'll have of reforming those who simply don't get 21st centruy learning or learners. I am preparing a research proposal on the effectiveness of IWB's on student learning - if you know of any current or recent research, that would be useful. Say hi to Sharn