An Oldie but a Goodie: xlmarks

Now this app is not web2.0, its not web1.0, heck, its not even web beta. It is seriously old school.

I have been using xlmarks for a number of years because:
- It works
- It's simple
- It's small
- It easy to retrieve / mine student data
- Multiple class results are easily combined
- It does pretty much all I need it to

What is it?
As the name suggests it is an Excel template that can be used to track student results in a course or subject. It was developed by Efofex software who incidentally make great graphing and other mathematical / scientific software. Xlmarks is freeware, anyone can distribute it so long as they don't make any financial gain.

Read this doc on Scribd: XLMARKS

If you are a whiz with Excel and wish to customise it you can, Efofex will give you the password if you ask them nively. They do warn you, and rightly so, that the formulae used are pretty tricky. I hhave messed with it in the past and have had to start all over again due to unintended domino effects.

Download it from Efofex


Paul McMahon (LSA) said...

Nothing like a good old West Aussie Product Jason!
Good to see it still gets some good use. Many schools are shifting to integrated teacher gateways to handle ARR in the school. AISHK made some noises about going that way last year. Has it all fallen in a hole now?